Rebecca Thomas

Writing is thinking. I specialize in both.

You aren't selling you

Clear Business Writing

I've long been a fan of clear, meaningful writing for business. The kind that's hard to find, and produces results. I decided to remedy that, and launched my own service.

I'm a seasoned entrepreneur with decades of experience crafting messages. I know how to tease out what's meaningful, and use that to create an impact.

A sane and thoughtful guide to permanent loss

Not Another Diet

"In the course of a year I lost almost 60 pounds, 90% of which I’ve kept off. Less than 10% of dieters accomplish this goal past the five year mark."

I'm now 10 years later, still making it work. I knew I was on to something and decided to write about it.

The result has been thousands of reads, two NBC News articles, one appearance at 30 Rock (the place, not the show), two thousand subscribers to my newsletter, and I hope one day, a book.

Expert help for your big idea

Expert Help For Your Big Idea

I'm a strategist who helps real estate developers, retailers, and restaurateurs make profitable location decisions.

One of the most important decisions from the perspective of a landlord/developer and restaurateur or retailer is what goes where, and why. It affects offerings, layout, operations, and most importantly, longevity.

Hiring me is an investment against faulty thinking and costly missteps.

April 2019 Speaker for the #RVA chapter

CreativeMornings Speaker

“Creative work is an anchor to our essential selves. The projects you are attracted to reveal a part of who you are."